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How to Create Sustainable and Unique Garden Designs

Do you find pleasure in gardening? Do you want a beautiful, creative, and sustainable garden?  If yes, then you will be glad to hear that you can make a garden design that can remain from June to October that allows yours plants to follow a natural seasonal cycle!

The best garden designs are ones that are environmentally sub-conscious while remaining unique in style and the statement it makes to the world!

The website Garden Design Unlimited gives very creative suggestions on how to make your garden come alive. One suggestion is to create a winding pathway to your garden.

A winding pathway gives visitors to your garden a new twist away from the traditional vertical walk way. Around the winding pathway, the site suggests you put a few permanent shapes, such as wooden blocks or rocks to replicate a fun animal, such as a caterpillar winding around the blocks, while the rocks form the caterpillar-like depiction! This design is creative and very cute.

With this design completed, you can surround your homemade caterpillar with your favorite types of flowers! Garden Design Unlimited suggests putting both seasonal and all year round plants to enhance the curiosity of visitors to your garden.

Some great ideas from the site: Have the centerpiece of your garden be nectar. Use wildflowers to attract domestic butterflies (a big hit with children). Have a sunflower or two in your garden.

For more information on how to get creative and make your garden stand out in a fabulous way, read this article called Future Gardens by Garden Design Unlimited.

To protect your beautiful creation, install a garden fence! Ornamental Aluminum is an example of a wonderful fence selection! Ornamental Aluminum has a reputation for complementing beautiful landscapes in style without restricting a picturesque view!

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