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How to Deal with Neighbors When Installing a New Fence

installing a new fence

Use these tips to maintain a good relationship with your neighbors while installing a new fence.

So, you’ve decided to install a new fence? Congratulations! But hold on a second there, partner. There are a few things to be taken into account before we start your fence installation project. One of those things, if you couldn’t tell by the title, is your neighbors. There are various neighborly etiquette practices to take into account when installing a fence to avoid disputes or hurt feelings. Things like…

The Have-To-Do’s

Take a look at property lines. Even if you’re replacing an old, beaten down fence, there’s a chance that that fence may have been improperly installed across your neighbor’s property lines. Find documentation of your property boundaries to make sure you’re not overstepping any.

Know your limits. Whether it’s regulations from your local zoning board or homeowners association, there are often rules restricting your building project. While it’s our responsibility to obtain permits and know zoning regulations, it’s your job to know and follow HOA guidelines.

The Nice-To-Do’s

Talk to your neighbors. When beginning any kind of construction project, it’s polite to let your neighbors know that there will be some commotion going on at your house for a little while. Also, speaking with your directly adjacent neighbors and sharing your plans with them will let you all resolve any potential issues regarding property lines before the build gets underway. (However, there’s no need to show them your designs — that’s only asking for trouble. They have to live with your aesthetic choices unless it’s dangerous or lowers property value.)

Keep it looking good. For starters, it’s common practice to put the more finished, nicer looking side of the fence facing outward, to project a good image. Once installation is complete, it’s your responsibility to maintain it so it’s looking good and not an eyesore for the whole neighborhood.

Installing a new fence is a lot to take on. The last thing you want is to upset your neighbors with your new addition, and have to deal with the consequences. Don’t build walls in your relationship with your neighbors when you’re literally building walls to separate you from the neighbors.

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