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Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Your Residential Fence?

do i need a new residential fence

This might be one of those residential fences that needs to go….

We’ve written recently about sprucing up your fence for spring, but residential fences are not forever, even despite great maintenance practices. Eventually, it will be time to say goodbye to your old residential fence to make way for a new one. Here are some signs that you and your fence might be approaching the end of your time together.

The Ticking of the Clock

Boy, if that fence could talk. The privacy it’s given you, the children and pets it’s kept safe, the laughs you’ve shared…. Okay, maybe not the last one. But you and your fence have been through so much together! In that time, your fence has stood up to a lot. Seasons have come and gone, and brought with them rain and snow that can rust metals and rot woods, extreme heat and cold that can cause expansion or contraction, and sunlight that can cause fading and weakening. Proper maintenance can go a long way, but eventually, it’s time to let your fence go for a younger, stronger, prettier residential fence. Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you shallow. It makes you a smart homeowner.

Other Damage

Time isn’t the only thing that can end up leading you to need a new fence. Visible structural damage can come about in a wide variety of ways, sometimes beyond repair. As innocent as a young pup who likes to gnaw on wood, or even something as extreme as a rogue vehicle could ruin your residential fence. However, when dealing with structural damage, you can often get away with replacing just a section of the fence to restore its strength, integrity, and visual appeal.

When it is time to finally say goodbye, don’t worry. Hercules fence will be happy to help you remove your old fenceand install your new one. There are happier days ahead for your home with a brand new residential fence.

Find Your New Fence with Hercules!

At Hercules Fence, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of several fence styles throughout the Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina areas. Residential fencing provides a welcoming appearance to complement your home. Our sales team can offer you many selections to choose from to accommodate your privacy, semi-privacy, and decorative needs, and our professionals use only the highest quality materials to install your fence at a price that is reasonable and affordable. We also specialize in commercial fencing to keep your business safe and secure while also looking professional and welcoming.

To get started with your residential fence for your home, call us today at 1-800-883-3623. You can also visit our contact page to find a full list of our locations and phone numbers.

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