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Beware of Termite Damage to Your Wood Fence

wood fence termite damage

Keep termites away from that gorgeous wood fence of yours!

Please excuse us for a moment while we sing and dance with joy, because it’s really, truly, finally warm out. As excited as we are that spring has just about sprung, we know that spring isn’t all fun and games. Spring means the return of chirping birds and blooming flowers, but it also means the return of the bugs, and among those bugs are termites — one of wood’s worst enemies. Here are some tips to prevent and eliminate any potential termite damage to your wood fence.

Preventing Termites

Termites are pretty tough to prevent entirely, because wood is technically where they belong — you just prefer it not to be your wood. They’re there to eat dead or decaying wood, so that’s what they’ll do. However, there are a few measures to try and keep them away from your wood fence.

  • First and foremost, and most obviously, have your fence (and your house!) treated regularly as part of wood fence maintenance to prevent termites. Pesticides are easily the most effective solution, but one that isn’t preferred by everyone.
  • Look for other nearby wood where termites might currently live or might soon find. Old, rotting stumps or forgotten firewood are two prime candidates for attracting termites that may migrate to your fence soon after.
  • Remove sources of moisture. Damp areas are prime breeding grounds for termites. As the rainy season approaches, make sure that nearby uncovered wood is removed, gutters are cleaned out, and there aren’t any areas of your yard that collect standing water or get particularly swampy when it rains.

Signs of Termite Damage

Of course, even despite best efforts, sometimes termites will find their way to your fence. If that’s the case, here’s what to look for:

  • Obviously, holes. Termites gnaw through wood, either with or against the grain depending on the species, and will often leave visible marks of termite damage.
  • Structural weakness is common when termites have been present. If you fence moves much, or at all, with a hearty shove, termite damage is a possibility. No matter what, you should have instability checked out by a professional fence contractor.
  • Learn to distinguish termites so you can call for eradication as soon as possible. They’re pale yellow in color, have soft bodies, no discernible waist, and straight antennae — all different from carpenter ants or various beetles.

We hope that you manage to avoid termite damage this spring, but if the worst does happen, you may be looking at fence removal and replacement. If that’s the case, we’re always happy to help!

Protect Your Hercules Wooden Fence from Termites

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