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Picking Ideal Security Fencing to Defend Your Home

There are three main features your security fencing should have.

Many people install fences around their homes without considering what uses they have for them. They think that having any fence is worse than having nothing. But there’s more to a fence installation than that. Your fence needs to have a purpose, and some styles are better suited for various things.

If you’re looking to protect your home from unwanted guests and burglars, you want strong security fencing. But how do you get the best security fence for your house? There are three main features your security fencing should have.

Not Giving People a Hiding Place

When you’re considering the security fencing you’re going to pick, go with a see-through option. You need to see who’s on the other side of the fence. If you don’t know who’s on the other side of the fence, you won’t notice any intruder until they’re already on your premises. You want to see any intruders at all times. This includes when they’re leaving the scene because you want to be able to identify the intruder so you can report them to the authorities.

Hard to Climb Over

Security fencing should be no shorter than eight feet. The taller your fence is, the safer your home will be because it becomes tougher for people to get over your fence and into your yard. You have to remember that certain places have rules about how tall you can make your fence. Check with your homeowner’s association before you install your fence to make sure it’s an appropriate height.

Your fence should also have few horizontal rails. Burglars use these rails to help scale your fence, making it easier to climb over it and get on your property.

You also want your security fencing to be spiked or pointed at the top. This way, even if someone gets to the top of your fence, they will be met with an unwelcoming jagged top that may deter them from entering your home.

Not Easily Bypassed

Security fencing doesn’t do you any good if an intruder can easily get around it. That’s why you want a fence that is secured to the ground using concrete. While concrete footings that go the entire length of your fence can get expensive, they are the best defense against someone who wants to go underneath your fence.

You also don’t want your fence to be easy to cut through. You want a durable material that can’t be cut because it denies intruders the shortcut of going through your fence to get to your home. You would also have to get your fence repaired or replaced if someone can cut through it.

Your fence can also benefit from heavy-duty gates. If you decide to go with gates, you’ll want to get them padlocked.

Let Hercules Fence Help Set Up The Perfect Fence For You

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