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How Summer Storms Can Damage Your Fence

How Summer Storms Can Damage Your Fence

Today, we’ll be going over the potential dangers that summer storms can have on your fence.

With temperatures on the rise as summer starts, many homeowners have been getting new fences installed on their properties. The weather in summer is beautiful, and that’s what makes it a great season for a fence installation. However, the weather isn’t always perfect in summer, and that’s because of the various summer storms that occur. Depending on the level of the storm’s severity, your property can suffer significant damage. Today, we’ll be going over the potential dangers that summer storms can have on your fence.

Impact of Storms

Summer storms bring many harsh conditions with them, including lightning, harsh wind, flash flooding, and even hail despite the overall warm weather. Lightning is capable of starting fires if it strikes flammable objects. Some fences are made from flammable material, so you need to factor in the possibility of your fence potentially catching fire during a lightning storm.

Wind is the main reason a fence will suffer damage from a summer storm. Strong enough winds can cause large tree limbs to fall and potentially damage your property. Your fence posts could also potentially get blown off.

When storms bring flash flooding, your fence is usually susceptible when it’s made out of wood. Floods result in high volumes of standing water and drainage struggles that result in your fence rotting. Your fence will also be vulnerable to landslides.

What You Can Do To Prepare For Summer Storms

Summer has only just gotten started, so there’s time for you to get ready for these intense storms. Here are a few ways you can prepare yourself.

  1. Gather Paperwork: You’ll want your insurance information ready if a storm wreaks havoc on your fence. This will reduce stress by knowing there will be compensation for damage your property sustains.
  2. Be Wary of the Weather: Always be aware of what the weather will bring and never disregard a weather report. This will prevent you from being surprised when summer storms arrive, and you can prepare to get your family to a safe place if the weather gets too dangerous.
  3. Repair Existing Fence Damage: This may seem strange if you expect your fence to be damaged during a storm. However, this will assist you in streamlining your claims process later.
  4. Put an Emergency Plan in Place: You’ll want a plan to protect your family. If you have a fence with an electric gate, you’ll need a battery backup before the storm arrives.
  5. Minimize Risks: If any spots around your home are vulnerable, such as dead limbs on trees or areas that are susceptible to flooding, you should have those spots repaired before storms come along and cause additional damage.

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