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Comparing Wrought Iron and Steel Fencing

Comparing Wrought Iron and Steel Fencing

We’ll be comparing wrought iron and steel fencing to help you decide which one you should use.

When picking material for your next fence, you have a wealth of options at your disposal. The fence that works best for you will depend on your tastes as well as your property. Two popular fencing choices are wrought iron and steel fencing. While they have many similarities, there are still traits that separate these two fencing varieties. We’ll be comparing wrought iron and steel fencing to help you decide which one you should use.


While both iron and steel are available as sale material, steel is easier to produce than its iron counterpart. For this reason, steel fencing tends to be cheaper than the iron alternative. This makes steel fences a more budget-friendly choice.

Which Material Can Be Worked Into Place More Easily?

Steel is a lighter material than iron. Because it’s lighter, it’s easier to lift and put into place. You can also form steel fencing into different designs and shapes, which helps bolster its aesthetic appeal. Iron is heavier than steel, and while iron fences are strong and sturdy once they’re in the ground, the installation process is more of a hassle.


Since steel fencing has carbon built into it, the fence is more durable. However, with strong enough impact, the fence can still break, which turns some people away from steel fencing. With that said, iron fencing breaks down as well, but it tends to break gradually over time. You can stop the fence from getting damaged if you take action early on. Wrought iron fencing needs to be repaired frequently to stay in good shape. With steel fencing, you’ll likely need to replace it once it gets damaged.


While iron fencing is durable and designed to last, it constantly has an aged look, even when it’s newly installed. This makes it better for more traditional homes. However, for other houses, steel fencing often has the look you want. Steel fencing has a lustrous appeal that makes your yard more inviting. Both fences use paint to maintain their looks once you get them installed. Iron gives off a more regal appearance while steel varieties offer a more modern look.

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