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Picking Between Permanent and Temporary Fencing


Picking Between Permanent and Temporary Fencing

Find out whether you should get permanent or temporary fencing.

Fencing comes in many varieties, and the type of fence you select will be dependent on where the fence is installed and how long you need it. It’s perfect for making areas more appealing, private, and safe. So, do you need a fence that lasts for years, or do you only need one for the short term? Find out whether you should get permanent or temporary fencing.

Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is used for the reasons you might expect. It’s used when you don’t need a border forever. These fences are installed and removed with ease, meaning they aren’t any hassle. Most kinds of temporary fencing are made from chain link panels. These panels are supported with braces and feet instead of being placed into the ground like permanent fences.

There are many settings that are appropriate for temporary fencing. Construction sites use temporary fencing all of the time. They only need the fence to last until construction is complete. The quick installation and removal of the fence also means people can get to work immediately instead of having to spend too much time on the fence setup.

Traveling carnivals also make use of temporary fences. The fences help guide people to different attractions, and they can prevent people from entering the premises without a ticket.

Other people use temporary fencing at weddings and other private gatherings. With a fence around the venue, unwanted guests will have no way to crash your gathering. You’ll have the privacy you need to enjoy whatever event you’re hosting. Once it’s over, taking down the fence is a breeze.

Permanent Fencing

It will likely not be a surprise what permanent fencing is; it’s fencing that is meant to stay wherever it’s installed. Permanent fencing is better to use in vastly different scenarios from temporary fencing.

Many homes surround themselves with permanent fencing as a means of protecting their property. Some even use fencing as a means of bolstering their building’s aesthetic.

Public areas also make great use of permanent fences. Businesses use them for similar reasons as the people who install fences around their homes. Playgrounds use them to keep children contained in a safe space where they can’t wander from their caregivers. The same goes for schools and daycares, among other facilities that are designed to protect young kids.

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