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Restoring the Strength of a Rusty Wrought Iron Fence

Restoring the Strength of a Rusty Wrought Iron Fence

Here is what you can do to bring the strength of a rusty wrought iron fence back.

A wrought iron fence offers you a secure border around your property without sacrificing decorative appeal. While it doesn’t do much good at providing privacy, it still does enough to keep intruders away. One of the perks people like most about these fences is how easy it is to maintain them. It doesn’t take too much work to keep a fence in good shape or restore it in the event it takes damage. Even rusting isn’t the end of the world because there are ways you can bring your fence back to life. Here is what you can do to bring the strength of a rusty wrought iron fence back.

Get Rid of Old Paint and Rust

The first thing you should do is get rid of paint or rust that is currently on your fence. You can do this by getting your fence sanded and using a rust remover. Before you apply new paint, make sure you get rid of all of the existing paint first. Applying new paint on top of older paint will cause the new coat to peel and chip.

Rustproof Your Metal

With the help of a rust neutralizer, you can make your wrought iron fence resilient against rusting. There are chemical neutralizers you can use. But if you want to go with a homemade brew, a half & half concoction of vinegar and lemon juice will suffice. Apply your neutralizer by using a wire brush. By doing this, rust won’t appear on your fence again.

Use a Primer and Paint Conditioner That Resist Rust

It’s good to paint your wrought iron fence using a primer that will fair well against rust. The metal will be sealed, and rust won’t be able to wear it down. The primer serves as the base layer, keeping your metal safe against corrosion and moisture. You should use a few layers of primer before you apply a coat of paint to your fence posts. However, paint conditioner is a reliable option that often gets overlooked. All that is required of you is to blend your primer and paint conditioner together.


Paint your wrought iron fence with paint that will not give way to rust. Two healthy coatings should do just fine. If you apply two coats of primer, in addition to two coats of paint, you’ll have all of the protection you need to keep your fence safe against the weather.

Maintain Your Fence

Keep an eye on your fence and take note whenever you see your paint peeling or cracking. Take a look to see if rust is starting to develop. If you see fence posts bending, don’t try prying them off. Instead, use some quick-drying cement to secure the fence posts. As long as you’re constantly monitoring your fence, you will be able to catch problems before they get out of hand.

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