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What You Should Know Regarding Fence Height

What You Should Know Regarding Fence Height

Here is what you should know about fence height regulations.

When you have a fence or are considering installing one, you always need to keep fence height regulations in the back of your mind. These regulations will determine what kinds of fences you can and cannot install. If you don’t follow these regulations, there are going to be consequences, such as possibly having your fence taken down. You want to avoid getting into any trouble, so abiding by the rules is a must. Here is what you should know about fence height regulations.

Why Is Fence Height So Important?

Of all of the regulations pertaining to fences, height is definitely one of the strictest. Other features of fences, such as style, are sometimes more flexible, depending on where you live. However, fence height will always come with regulations, no matter where you are.

How is the Final Height of a Fence Measured?

The grade at your fence’s base is where measurements begin, and you measure all the way up to your fence’s highest point. Make sure to include any and all accessories of your fence in the height total, such as decorative components like lattice or even gaps you have in the middle.

There are exceptions to these rules, however. If your fence is perched on a retaining wall, for example, you will usually be allowed to start the measurement at your top finished grade up until the highest point your fence has.

Keep in mind that fence heights will almost always include accessories unless legislation specifically states otherwise. Because of this, you need to keep accessories in mind before you complete your installation.

How Tall is a Fence Allowed to Be?

The maximum fence height you can have will vary based on your area because there aren’t any national or state regulations in place at the moment. If you want to get confirmation on what fences are acceptable to build in your area, you will want to speak with your County and City planning departments. They are the enforcers for all of the code restrictions in effect, and they are also the ones to ask for permits if you need them.

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