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Avoid Neighbor Disputes When Installing Fencing

How to Avoid Neighbor Disputes Regarding Property Lines When Installing Fencing

Here is what you should know about placing your fencing before you begin your installation.

There’s a lot of thought that goes into a fence installation. One of the concerns you’ll have is making sure your fence doesn’t cause problems with your neighbors. It’s important to know how close a fence can be to your property line without causing trouble. Here is what you should know about placing your fencing before you begin your installation.

Determine Your Property Lines Before Installing Fencing

Boundaries must be established so that your fencing doesn’t intrude on your neighbor’s property. To get an understanding of your property lines, you’ll have to look at your house line drawing. This is something you may have received when you bought the property, or you could’ve gotten it from your county deed.

Contact a land surveyor if you don’t have a copy around because you don’t want your fence to go over your property line. You may have to pay anywhere between $500 and $1,000 for their services, but that’s significantly less money than what would have to be spent rebuilding your entire fence or dealing with disputes with your neighbors in a courtroom setting.

Check Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations in place for your location will determine how far back your fence will have to be. These rules will be determined by your homeowner’s association, and it’s important to stay current on what all of their rules are. If you don’t follow the rules they set in place, you could face serious consequences and fines, and your property value can plummet.

Fencing can usually be installed between 2 and 8 inches away from your property line, but this distance will vary from place to place.

Keep in mind that you are still held responsible for any parts that are outside of your fence and still in your possession. In other words, you have to maintain the lawn around the fence. It is not your neighbor’s responsibility.

If you and your neighbor are both excited about the idea of a fence, you could potentially split costs and maintenance requirements. However, you can’t assume that is how your neighbor will feel. You don’t want to run into legal trouble and be forced to rebuild your fence.

Consult with Fencing Professionals

Before you go through with a fencing installation, it doesn’t hurt to speak with different authorities to guarantee that your fence is installed in a valid place. People you should contact include the president of your homeowner’s association, realtors, neighbors, fence installation companies, and local government representatives.

Contacting all of these people will help you determine how close to the property line your fence can be, as well as figure out an appropriate size and height for your fence.

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