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Ways for You to Decorate Your Vinyl Fence

Ways for You to Decorate Your Vinyl Fence

Here are a few easy ways for you to decorate your vinyl fence.

Whether you’re trying to establish more privacy around your house or you want to go with a classic vinyl picket fence, you may be thinking that you could do more with your plain white fence. While some homeowners may feel that a coat of paint is the way to go for changing your fence’s look, there are other routes you can take to get a more desirable look. Here are a few easy ways for you to decorate your vinyl fence.

Start Accessorizing Your Vinyl Fence

A great way to boost the curb appeal of your vinyl fence is to add a few new accessories. By installing over-the-panel hooks, for example, you give yourself the perfect spot on your fence for displaying artwork or installing lights. Just be sure that the hooks you use won’t scratch the surface.

You could even go with corner-mounted shelving, which would give you the perfect place to put any potted plants or garden gnomes that you may have.

Solar LED lights are another option, and you can use these to give your fence a little extra ambiance without having to use wires.

Go With Plants, But Be Careful

People might get the temptation to plant all sorts of flowers along the side of their vinyl fence. However, you shouldn’t do this. While hedges can be a beautiful sight, they can also cause your fence to not last as long as it otherwise would. This has to do with plants’ root systems. Eventually, these root systems can extend far enough to impact your fence. Hedges don’t give you the easy access you need to get to your fence, which makes it harder to keep up with regular maintenance.

For these reasons, give yourself enough space between any plants you install and your fence so that you can still access your fence’s panels or pickets. Trees, which could be planted to give you extra privacy, follow this same rule. Having enough distance between plants and your fence will save your fence in the long run.

Consider Curtains Around Your Vinyl Fence

You might treat your outdoor landscape the same way that you treat a room inside your house. If you do, you might consider using some decorating tips that would normally be used for indoor areas. Curtains are a great example. If you use some over-the-panel hooks, some fabric curtains, and a few curtain rods, you could have curtains along your outdoor vinyl fence, which will conceal your panels completely and give you a little more privacy for your yard.

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