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Why Fall is a Great Time to Install Residential Fencing

Why Fall is a Great Time to Install Residential Fencing

It may come as a surprise, but fall is an excellent time for a residential fencing installation.

Are you thinking of adding a fence to your home? A fence can be the perfect way to improve your home’s look and give it more utility. But when is the right time to have residential fencing installed?

Some people will tell you that spring and summer are the ideal seasons for your installation. But you might want to consider installing your fence in the fall. It may come as a surprise, but fall is an excellent time for a residential fencing installation.

Faster Delivery for your Residential Fencing

Most people install fences during the spring and summer. Because of this, fall is a fairly quiet time for fencing contractors. You can take advantage of this because that means there aren’t many orders being made for fences. This will make scheduling your residential fencing installation a lot easier.

When fencing contractors have less business, it works to your advantage, especially when there are special permits you need for your fence. Permits can be processed more quickly when the city permit staff isn’t as busy.

Cost Savings

Scheduling a residential fencing installation in the fall is an economically sound choice. This is mainly because contractors tend to have more time for projects during the fall since they don’t have to rush through a lot of projects to get to all of their customers. What this means for you is that you get the most amount of time with your residential fencing contractor. This gives you time to work with them to find any cost-cutting opportunities.

Maximum Season Time With Your Residential Fencing

For wooden fences, they can warp and splinter during the warmer months of spring and summer. This is due to the intense UV rays that make the wood dry too quickly.

In the fall, these problems are of no concern. Fall is a cooler time of year, so the sun won’t hit your fence as hard. This lets your fence “season up” for a bit, which lets it get a nice even dry. When you have a residential fencing installation in fall, you’re making a strategic move to maximize the longevity of your fence.

Enjoy Your Springtime

One of the best parts of doing your residential fencing installation in fall is that the moment spring arrives, you can get straight to enjoying your fence. Rather than trouble yourself installing your fence in the spring, you can be out enjoying the beautiful weather spring has to offer.

You also give yourself more time for spring cleaning and other types of home improvement projects. Why add one more project to the list when you can get it done now? Installing your fence now means having a shorter to-do list in the spring. This means you can knock out your projects faster and start enjoying yourself.

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