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Why Install Residential Fencing For Your Family?

Why Install Residential Fencing For Your Family?

There are many reasons you should have residential fencing installed.

If you own a home, you may have thought about having a fence installed on your property. A fence could be a wise investment to make. From added appeal to safety, and even added home value, residential fencing can find a purpose to serve your home. There are many reasons you should have residential fencing installed.

Child Safety

One of the primary reasons homeowners have residential fencing installed is to preserve their children’s safety. We want our children to be able to explore the outdoors, but without a fence, it can be unsafe. Having the added security puts your mind at rest while your children are out exploring the outside world.

Pet safety

Like children, you don’t want your pets couped up in the house all day, but you worry that they could get into trouble outside. Residential fencing resolves the problem by providing a protective barrier between your safe home and the potential dangers beyond your yard. It’s a perfect idea for families with dogs because having a safe contained yard lets your dog expend energy when you don’t have time to walk them.

Garden Protection

Of course, you’ll want to keep your kids and pets safe, but what about other aspects of your house. You may have a garden in your yard that you want to protect. Gardens rely on more than just sunlight and soil. They need to be kept safe from the elements, wildlife, and potentially pets too. Hedging your garden could be the solution you want to keep it secure.


Safety isn’t the only motivator for having residential fencing installed. A fence can give your home added privacy. This lets you do some reading outside, enjoy an outdoor pool, or perform upkeep on your yard without neighbors leering at you. Residential fencing is the perfect way to screen your yard.

Market Value

Even if you don’t have children or pets to keep safe or a need to increase your privacy, there’s still a reason to have residential fencing done on your home. Fences help raise your house’s monetary value, so the money you spend on your fence will be a worthwhile financial investment. Fences are relatively inexpensive to install, and the added value on your home more than makes up the difference.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

If you’ve been on a road trip with family before, you may have established peace in the car by defining boundaries. That’s what a fence can do for a neighborhood, set boundaries between people’s yards. The best relationships with neighbors come when boundaries are established.

They Look Good!

If you don’t have a particular reason to get residential fencing, there’s nothing wrong with saying you just like how they look. A fence complements a yard like a frame around a painting, showing off the look of your lawn and home to bring out their best features.

Let Hercules Fence Help Set Up The Perfect Fence For You

Hercules Fence takes pride in being experts in residential, commercial, and high-security fencing. We have been serving our clients since 1955 with only the most knowledgeable of staff. Our staff is ready to serve you from Maryland and the Washington Metropolitan area. Our branch offices are in Manassas, Richmond, Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia, and Maryland.


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