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How to Show Off Your Fence This 4th of July


If you’re hosting Fourth of July this year, you still have time to get your home and your fence into shape before your guests arrive.

Are you ready for your Fourth of July party? If you’re hosting this year, you still have time to get your home and your fence into shape before your guests arrive. Not only will making a few updates help to showcase your home, but it can make your party more comfortable for everyone invited as well.

Update Your Fence

While updating your fencing may not seem like a necessity, making sure your existing fence is clean and in good order, or adding a fence if you do not have one can be a game changer. A solid fence in good working order will mean that your guests will feel at ease letting their children and pets run around without fear of them getting loose. Height will also ensure that you have plenty of privacy and will help to create an inviting atmosphere.  

Keep Mosquitos Out

Adding tiki torches, citronella plants, and candles, and other mosquito and bug repellant features along the perimeter of your home can help keep your guests from swatting at pests all night long. Additionally, you might consider adding screened in sections to your deck or porch for added protection.

Bring Out the Lights

Once the sun goes down and before your fireworks display you’ll want to have lighting to keep your guests from tripping and to keep the conversation flowing. Whether it’s electric lighting along your fence line, a retinue of candles and solar operated lighting, or unique lanterns, good light makes all the difference.

Add a Central Feature

There is always one spot in a party where everyone flocks to, the kitchen, the grill, the TV during a big game–on the Fourth of July it’s likely to be a part of your yard. A simple fire pit is a great way to create a central gathering point. Not only will it generate light and keep away bugs, but you can add s’mores to the party agenda.


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