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Keep Your Garden Pest-Free with These Fencing Ideas

garden fencing

With the correct garden fencing, your plants, flowers, and produce will remain safe and sound.

Keeping those pesky pests out of your garden is practically impossible without the proper fencing. In order to protect your flowers and plants from the inevitable animals, you must install a garden fence. There are many different types of garden fencing to choose from, all of which will protect your plants. Don’t let your time and money go to waste by allowing unwanted animals eat your precious fruits, vegetables, and other plants. With the correct garden fencing, your plants, flowers, and produce will remain safe and sound.

Chain-Link Fencing

While chain-link fencing is not necessarily the most beautiful of fencing materials, it is certainly good at keeping out unwanted critters. Whether it’s deer, rabbits, groundhogs, or any other animal you need to keep out, chain-link fencing will do a great job. Even your standard chain-link fence will suffice. You just need to make sure that it’s high enough so that deer cannot jump over it.

Welded Wire Fencing

Welded wire fencing can be attached to wooden posts, making it both efficient and versatile. No matter what your home and landscaping may look like, a welded wire fence can easily fit into the background of your landscape. Welded wire fencing offers the same amount of protection as chain-link fencing but has a little bit more of a country style to match your elegant landscape.

Poultry Netting

Poultry netting, which is commonly referred to as chicken wire, can be free-standing or attached to wooden posts as well. Chicken wire works perfectly for gardens because, although you can see through the wire, the mesh is small enough to keep pests out. Poultry netting, like welded wire fencing, is strong and durable and will last for a long time.

Electric Fencing

When it comes to keeping your dog in or keeping other animals out, electric fencing is an effective option. Although it is mostly used to keep pets in your yard, it can also be used to keep unwanted animals out of your garden.


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