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Pressure Treated Fencing vs. Cedar Fencing

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

There are advantages and drawbacks for both types of wood depending on what type of fence you plan to build with the materials. As this article states both can be very useful for your fence needs.

Pressure treated wood is a better choice for your fence if you are building a picket fence that will be touching the ground. However cedar is better if your fence will not be touching the ground. Cedar wood is more durable than treated wood. It will not warp or break like other woods may.  But, cedar is more expensive for this very reason. This high cost is worth it in the long run, though, due to the long lifespan of cedar.  In order to increase its strength, Pressure treated wood should be stained within the first two years of its use.

Bottom line, cedar is a stronger wood. If your fence will not be touching the ground—then it should be your choice. However if you are limited by budget constraints pressure treated wood does the job well.

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Hercules Fence’s High-Security Fencing

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Hercules Fence is very proud to offer high-security fences to cater to many different needs. Our experience includes work with secure chain link fencing, crash-rated barriers, anti-terrorism cable and even ornamental anti-climb fences.

Hercules Fence is experienced in the most secure chain link fences around today. Many of our fences are equipped to handle fiber optic motion sensors, as well as security cameras. We are also very adept at double row fence systems with razor ribbon and concertina wire. Gates of any size or shape can also be made for your needs.

Without having to compromise the rich look of iron fencing, our high security ornamental fences offer the best of both worlds. Whether you are looking for an anti-climb curved ornamental fence or decorative iron fence with cable reinforcement, Hercules Fence is a leader within this specialized field of fencing.

Hercules Fence has also become very experienced in constructing crash-rated barriers. We have installed the following crash tested products: slide gates, pop-up barriers, lift-arm gates, and all types of bollard systems.

We have many different types of cables and fences to fit your needs, such as our Anti-Terrorism Cable. Depending on the specification of your job, we can fit your needs. Hercules Fence offers all shapes and sizes of cables that can attach to both chain link fences and ornamental fences.

For any high-security fence questions of needs contact Hercules Fence toll free at 1-800-395-9597 or here.