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  • The Galvanized Chain Link Fence Versus The Coated Chain Link Fence

    Are you in need of a galvanized fence or a chain link fence, but do not know the difference between the two? If yes, we are here to help you make the right fencing decisions for your property by providing you a comparison of the two types of fences. Read to learn the differences now.

    The Chain Link Fences

    Chain Link fencing is often good for those whom have a home or a large yard. The chain link fence will assist you in keeping people and pets in and out of your yard.

    Chain link fencing can be fitted with privacy screens and prefect for home security. Chain link fencing can come in galvanized steel or in a coating. Each comes with its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

    Galvanized Chain Link Fencing

    Galvanized Chain Link Fencing comes in two types – woven and welded.  A chain link fence can be galvanized before being weaved or welded.

    If a chain link fence is galvanized before it is welded or woven, it is more likely to be more durable and long lasting. However, this type of fencing is challenging to find and comes with a higher cost than the average chain link fence. No matter welded or woven both galvanized fences will have the same finish.

    If you do not want a galvanized chain link fence, you can purchase a coated chain link fence. The best type of coated chain link fencing is one with vinyl coating.

    Galvanized Chain Link fences that are welded or woven can be coated in vinyl. Vinyl coating will protect your chain fence from both rust and corrosion.

    If you want an extremely durable chain link fence, the best chain link fence you can purchase is one that is galvanized before welding or weaving and then finally coated with vinyl.

    What is the difference between woven and welded links?

    Chain link fences are not created equally. When a woven chain link fence is assembled, pieces of steel are bent and threaded like fabric. The steel is not connected in any way.

    The welded chain link fence is more durable than the welded chain link fence. This type of chain link fence is woven together and then welded so that each section can be put together and welded.

    No matter your choice in chain link fencing, always weigh your need against your budget. If you need a heavy duty chain link fence, we recommend purchasing and installing a chain link fence coated in vinyl. This type of fencing will last longer than a naked galvanized chain link fence.

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    SourceDifferences Between a Galvanized and a Coated Chain Link Fence Explained

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