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How to Properly Remove Snow From Your Fence

How to Properly Remove Snow From Your Fence

Today, we will review the best ways to get snow off of your fence.

In the United States, we’ll be dealing with snow while the winter season is in full motion. This means your yard is going to likely be covered in a white blanket of it at some point this season. This is perfectly fine for the most part, but some parts of your yard are best without snow, and your fence is one such area. Today, we will review the best ways to get snow off of your fence.

Start by Establishing a Catch Area

The snow has to go somewhere once it’s off of your fence, so knowing where the snow should go is the first step you should take. Wherever you decide to put this spot, make sure it isn’t too close to your fence. You don’t want the snow to potentially fall back onto your fence later. It’s also best to establish this location at a good distance away from pathways and driveways, among other important spots around your yard.

Get Snow Away From Your Fence Line

If you get enough snow around your yard, then eventually, it’s going to start piling up on your pathways and other areas around your landscape. It’s important that snow be kept away from your fence line because you don’t want your fence to absorb moisture and increase the chances of warping and rotting.

There’s an inch-for-inch rule that should be followed. For every inch of snow you have, the distance between your fencing line and the snow should be just as many inches. As an example, if there are 5 inches of snow on the ground, then the snow should be taken 5 inches away from the fencing line.

Distribute All of the Snow Evenly

You don’t want piles of snow to get too high. After snow melts, your yard absorbs it, and this allows the grass to make use of the water once we get to spring. Letting all parts of your lawn get equal levels of water allows all parts of your yard to get equally prepared for the spring season, which is why snow should be spread out evenly throughout your landscape.

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