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How to Stain Your Wooden Fence

Nothing looks quite as nice as a wooden fence surrounding your yard. A wooden fence adds a certain element of elegance and aesthetic appeal that other fences simply cannot compete with. But whether you have an old fence that needs a little touch up, or you have just had a new fence installed, all wooden fences need to be annually stained. This will not only keep your fence looking its best, but it will also protect your fence from the harsh outdoor weather (rain, sun, snow, wind, etc.).

This article from explains how to stain your wooden deck in 5 simple steps.

1.   If your fence is new, skip to step 4. If you’re giving your fence a touch-up after some years of use, you MUST clean it first. This will prepare the fence so that it will look “like new” when you’re done. Plan to clean it on day 1 and stain it on day 2 (not the same day).

2.   Use the inexpensive deck sprayer to apply the deck/fence cleaner (which is basically a bleach). Let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Do one or two sections of fence at a time.

3.   With the power sprayer, hit the fence with a generous supply of water. You will be spraying off the cleaner along with the dirt and mold that the cleaner is intended to remove. If the fence was really dirty this step could take a while. Stick with it, cause this is all worth it.

4.   Now that the fence is nice and clean (or new), it’s time to apply the stain. Ensure that the fence is dry. I highly suggest renting or buying a Wagner power sprayer for the application of the stain. Attempting to use a tray and brush/rollers ends up using a lot more product and will cost you much more in the end. With the power sprayer, you’ll spray up one slat and then down the next. Take your time. Do one or two sections at a time.

5.   With a paint brush or roller go over the fence section to ensure even coating of the stain. You will quickly notice how beautiful your fence looks!

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