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Winter Maintenance Suggestions for Your Wood or Metal Fence

Winter Maintenance Suggestions for Your Wood or Metal Fence

Maintenance is critical to the looks and overall condition of your fence.

Fencing has the ability to look great during the winter, but it’s going to take some effort on your end to keep things looking pleasant. Out of the different fencing materials people like to use, wood and metal are quite popular. Each of these does a great job at promoting extra privacy around your house while boosting your outdoor landscape’s overall aesthetic. But if you don’t maintain your fence, it won’t take long for everything to start looking worse. Maintenance is critical to the looks and overall condition of your fence.

How to Keep a Wood Fence Looking Good in the Winter

Mold and mildew that piles up on your wood fence need to be cleaned off as soon as you can. Areas that don’t get cleaned are susceptible to rotting. One option people use for cleaning off mold and mildew is a power washer. Once you get your fence clean, you should put on a new coat of stain or add a protective seal to the fence so that it stays preserved.

Plants can also pose a problem to wooden fencing because they can cause serious damage if you let them grow too much. Overgrown plants will bring about an excess in moisture, and there won’t be enough sunlight available to help your fence panels dry. You need to remove overgrown plants from the area as soon as you notice them.

Getting Your Metal Fencing Prepared for Winter

All metal fences need thorough cleanings before winter. You need to remove any rust you see before it can cause too much damage. It’s usually sufficient for you to use a small wire brush for the job. After the rust is removed, the look of the fence will start improving. Then, you should apply a rust-resistant paint to the surface so that rusting doesn’t occur as quickly. If you aren’t comfortable getting these tasks done on your own, you can contact a fencing company and have them handle everything on your behalf.

Getting professional help is encouraged further when you have a lot of rust damage. The fence likely needs to be completely repainted, which requires a lot of sanding beforehand. The job isn’t easy to complete, but you’ll be pleased with the end result.

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