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Debunking Myths Revolving Around Vinyl Fencing

Debunking Myths Revolving Around Vinyl Fencing

Of the many myths that abound about vinyl fencing, here are the five most common and the truth to set your mind at ease.

If you’ve already decided that a new or replacement fence is in the plan for this year, you’re likely at the stage where you are choosing your fencing material. The traditional choice for residential fencing is wood, but that doesn’t make it the best option for your particular needs. Another very popular choice is vinyl, but some homeowners are wary of this option because of the misinformation that surrounds it. Of the many myths that abound about vinyl fencing, here are the five most common and the truth to set your mind at ease.

Vinyl Isn’t Customizable

If you think that all vinyl fences look the same, then you either aren’t looking hard enough, or you’re mistaking vinyl for some other material. The fact is that vinyl comes in a variety of colors, and vinyl fences are available in many different heights, styles, and colors. Vinyl is among the most versatile and option-rich fencing materials on the market, and you will absolutely be able to find a beautiful vinyl fence that matches your style and aesthetic and boosts your curb appeal.

Vinyl Isn’t “Green”

If you’re worried about how environmentally friendly your fencing material is, vinyl is a great choice. Many people assume it is not a “green” product because it is a plastic. High-quality vinyl fencing can be a great “green” choice, however, because it doesn’t leach chemicals into the soil, doesn’t deplete a natural resource, and may even be recyclable in your community.

Vinyl Fades

This particular myth is a persistent one that goes back to the early days of vinyl. Early in its use, vinyl did fade after years of weathering and sun exposure. Today, however, thanks to advancements in material production, high-quality vinyl doesn’t fade. If you see newer vinyl products that fade in the sun, they are a low-quality, inferior vinyl type.

Vinyl Fencing Is High-Maintenance

Since vinyl fences require very little maintenance, a simple cleaning about once a year, it’s not really clear where this myth comes from. You don’t have to sand, stain, or paint vinyl fencing, and the work of cleaning it can be done in an easy afternoon.

Vinyl Fencing Isn’t Sturdy

The myth that vinyl fencing isn’t sturdy is as strong and long-lasting as vinyl fencing – in a word, very. When it is high-quality and properly installed, vinyl fencing can withstand almost any weather. And, since it doesn’t rot or rust, over the years, it will stay as strong and sturdy as the day you had it installed.

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