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Fence Color Recommendations for Different Home Exteriors

Fence Color Recommendations for Different Home Exteriors

Here are some color recommendations we have for your fence.

If you want your home to serve as a trend-setter, it all starts on your home’s exterior. Fencing will be one of the first things that garners people’s attention. These days, fences do far more than give your residence a little added protection; they are also the perfect feature to help give your house a brand new look.

One of the main features to consider when designing captivating fencing is the fence’s color. Different homes work with different colors, so you’ll need to consider what colors work best for your home and setting. Here are some color recommendations we have for your fence.

Ideas for Homes with Bright Colors

If you have a home with a light shade, you’re in a good spot because light colors match pretty much everything. You can easily have fencing designed to complement the look of your house. You could go with a color that’s identical to your home’s color, which helps establish your fence as an extension of your home. If you want your home’s look to stand out more, a neutral tone can be used for your fence.

Ideas for Homes with Dark Colors

Dark exteriors work fine on houses as well. However, if your house has a dark tone, it might be best to take a different approach when deciding on your fence’s color. Go with a color that contrasts with that of your home’s. If your house is a black color, for example, try pairing it with a white-colored fence. Red, blue, and yellow are other viable options that are vibrant and capable of catching the attention of passersby.

Ideas for Homes with Unique Colors

Your fence should not be the main attraction. That honor goes to your home, and your fence should play a supporting role in bringing out the best of your home’s appearance. If you have a home with a bright exterior, a subtle fence color is a great option. Going with a bright fence color, in this case, could make it hard for people to know where to focus their attention. Some of the safest fence options you could use are white vinyl fences or wood fences with neutral stains because they go well with nearly any home’s look.

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