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Ironing out your fencing options

An arched metal gateIn our last post, we mentioned that you have a wealth of options when choosing a fencing material for your home and that some materials can be made to look like others.  This trend is especially prevalent in the area of wrought iron where less expensive metals are often substitutes.  Here are  a couple of them and how they improve on the original.


A good black aluminum fence can be a good stand-in for iron.  Aluminum is lighter but still durable.  You may not want it for heavy-duty security, but if you want matal fence that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, aluminum is the way to go.  It’s probably the least maintenance-intensive of all your metal options.


In many ways, steel is the new iron.  It’s stronger than aluminum and not as heavy as iron.  It won’t corrode like iron will, so it too reduces the amount of maintenance you’ll have to perform.  Steel is so popular these days that it comes in a variety of color and styles.  It might be the best all-around option for ornamental fencing out there.

Powder coating

Powder coating is part of the secret to maintenance-free metal fencing.  The coating forms a transparent plastic barrier to the fencing material, which keeps the elements from reaching the material, but doesn’t detract from the look or peel away.  It virtually eliminates painting and can be applied to aluminum, steel, and even iron.

If you’d like to learn more about these products, contact us and we’ll walk you through your options.  We’re well versed in constructing and installing aluminum and steel fences (and iron, too), so we can help you whichever way you choose to do.

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