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Something there is that loves a fence

Robert Frost may have scoffed at his neighbor’s assertion that “good fences make good neighbors” in his poem, “Mending Wall,” but it’s clear that most homeowners prefer their fences anyway.  We recently contributed to an article in The Washington Times that found that fences are still very popular for homes.

However, the article also pointed out that the agreement seems to end there.  While most homeowners like fences, their style, material, and even reason for having a fence tend to vary.  Fortunately, there are many options to suit the variety of tastes.

It seems like a new material for fence building is coming out every day.  Last week, we blogged about using bamboo for fencing.  In addition to the traditional wood and wrought iron, there’s now vinyl and other metals.  It all depends on the look and how much maintenance one prefers.

There are also many reasons why homeowners want a fence in their yard.  Frost’s neighbor liked his to clearly define his property’s boundaries.  Others want the privacy and security that a fence can provide.  Some just like the look.  For many, it’s a combination.

Another result of the different fencing options is that you don’t have to sacrifice one reason for another.  You have choices that can afford you security without making your home look like a penitentiary.  There’s vinyl that looks like wood, aluminum that looks like iron, and more. Contact us and we’ll help you figure out which options work best for you.

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