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Stain vs. seal

We recently advised homeowners to stain or seal their new fences before winter sets in, but some may be wondering whether staining or sealing is better. There’s no conclusive answer because it depends on the homeowner’s goal. This article talks about the difference between a specific stain and sealer, but you can extrapolate some conclusions.

  • Both stains and sealers will be absorbed into the wood to protect it against the elements.
  • A stain will change the look of your fence. If you don’t like the look of the stain or intend to paint also, it’s best not to stain.
  • A sealer will add a glossy shine to the wood and is best for maintaining the wood’s natural color or in combination with paint.
  • Using a stain and sealer together is an option, but be sure to read the labels to ensure they’ll work together.

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