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Gate access systems

If you decide to have a gate installed for your driveway, one decision you’ll soon have to make is what access system you want.  Ease of entry and security are the two main, and sometimes opposing, factors to consider.  Here are some of your options.

Transmitter and pushbutton systems minimize the hassle you and your guests experience when entering your driveway.  The gate can open either when a car approaches or when the driver pushes a button. Obviously, when it comes to security, these options don’t offer much more than the simple presence of a gate.

Touch pads require a code be entered correctly for access and obviously provide a homeowner much more security but aren’t as easy for guests to deal with.  An intercom system combined with a keypad is a good compromise that lets you open the gate for guests from inside.  Swipe card access systems are mostly used by commercial clients but we can install these for residential clients as well.

There are a few notification/remote options available.  Homeowners and open gates with a button inside the home.  They can also be notified through a dedicated phone line or via a cell phone.

If you’d like more information on driveway gates or these access options, contact us. We can demonstrate these options and help you figure out the right system for you.

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