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Fencing fit for a panda

Bamboo fencingMany people are satisfied with the standard hardwood or metal picket fence around their yards or gardens.  Others like to think outside the box and look for fencing that will make their homes stand out.  For those folks, we’ve got a great material to consider – bamboo.

We encountered this idea during the past year while preparing for a project at a senior living complex in College Park, MD.  The management company needed it’s 50-year-old garden fence replaced and stressed the need for a green solution, which had us looking at everything from eco-friendly wood stains to fencing made of recycled plastic.  When we encountered a California company marketing bamboo fencing, we knew we hit pay dirt.

From an environmental standpoint, bamboo is an ideal material.  Like all wood, it’s a renewable resource, but unlike other woods commonly used for fences, which sometimes require 30 years to grow to a harvest-ready size, bamboo is quickly renewable and able for harvest after only three years.

As you can see from the pictures, bamboo fencing provides a unique look that’s still attractive.  It’s also very durable as evidenced by it use for flooring, home walls, and baseball bats.

Whether you’re looking for green alternatives, a different look, or both, bamboo may be right for you.  Contact us at Hercules Fence to learn how we can install a custom bamboo fence for your home.

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