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Fence fabric basics

As this site describes, there are three main considerations when choosing the fabric for a chain-link fence. The fabric is the wire “netting” that makes up the body of the fence between the support structure.

The first and probably most important consideration is the gauge or thickness of the fabric. The gauge measures the diameter of the wire that will be intertwined to create the fabric. Obviously, the thicker the wire, the more protection the fence offers. We typically use 11 gauge fabric for our residential customers.

Mesh size
Secondly, customers must decide on the size of the mesh or, in other words, the amount of space between the wiring. Typical sizes run between 2 and 2.5 inches, with the inches measuring the distance between parallel sides of the diamond. Smaller sizes are more expensive because they use more metal and offer more security.

Coatings offer protection and visual appeal to a chain-link fence. Zinc coating offers mainly protection to the metal fence. Aluminum coating will protect the metal as well but will allow rust to develop at the ends, where there are scratches, and where there are imperfections. Vinyl coating is usually used in combination with zinc coating to add color to the fence.

To learn more about this or any topic, contact us. We can tell you everything you need to know to make a good decision, then install your fence with no hassle.

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