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The fence was framed

Next on our look at the components of a chain-link fence that you’ll have to consider when purchasing one is the framework that holds the fence up. Three kinds of pipes make up the framework: the terminal posts at either end of the fence, the line posts that are placed at intervals along the fence, and the top rail that runs along the top of the fence. The specifications for the framework will remind you of the fabric we discussed in our last post.

Just as it did for the fabric, the gauge measures the thickness of steel used to create the framework’s pipes. Obviously the thicker the steel, the stronger the framework.

This is that one factor that differs from those of the fabric. You can choose the overall diameter of the framework. The larger the diameter, the more metal it will require to maintain the thickness you want.

You don’t have as many coating options for the framework as you do for the fabric, but there is still some choice. The coatings add color to the fence (typically black, brown, and green) and protect it from corrosion. The coating could be either PVC or polyester.

To learn more about all kinds of fencing, contact us. We’ll help you determine which kind of fence and specifications are right for you and then professionally install it.

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