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What coats your chain-link fence?

When looking at chain-link fencing, you’ll encounter lots of talk about galvanized material, hot-dip galvanizing, and vinyl coating.  All three deal with coating a steel or iron mesh fence in order to prevent rusting and corrosion.  Yet they are different processes.

Galvanizing – A coating of zinc is applied through electroplating to protect the mesh.

Hot-dip galvanizing – A thicker zinc coating is applied by immersing the mesh in molten zinc

Vinyl coating – Vinyl is used instead of zinc to protect the mesh allowing different colors and better resistance to rust under some conditions.

Another thing to consider is that these processes aren’t mutually exclusive.  Galvanized fencing can also be coated with vinyl, although this is a pretty expensive option.  To look more at these options and their pros and cons, contact us.

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