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Get the right gate

Like most other aspects of a chain-link fence, you have a few options when it comes to choosing a gate for it. This page summarizes the primary choices you’ll need to consider.

Walk-through or drive-through
This mainly concerns the width of the gate. Will you need to allow a car to drive through the gate or not. Typically, a walk-through gate consists of one panel and will allow a person or possibly a lawnmower to move through it. A drive-through gate usually incorporates two panels that latch in the center.

Swing or sliding
A swing gate pivots on a hinge like a door, while a sliding gate operates sliding glass door by moving along the fence. While swing gates appear in either walk-through or drive-through varieties, a sliding gate is almost exclusively used in a drive-through context. Sliding gates are ideal for incorporating electronic opening systems.

For all your fencing needs, contact us. He handle gates as well fences, and materials of a kind from chain-link to vinyl to wrought iron to wood.

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