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Gateway to a complete fence

Once you have your chain-link fence picked out and designed, it will then be time to turn your attention to the fence gates.  The main thing to remember, as this site describes, is that the fabric and framework of the gates should match what you’ve used for the rest of the fence.  You’ll have three options to consider.

Bent-frame gates
The rounded corners of these gates make them a very stylish option.  However, they can also leave larger gaps between the gates and the rest of the fence.  This makes them a little more useful in a residential context.

Square-welded gates
Welding adds strength to the frame and the fabric’s connection to it.  Although the corners don’t have to be square, an angular shape is more secure.  All-in-all the gate is better for security.

Aluminum-corner gates
Perhaps the strongest of all gate joints, die-cast aluminum corner pieces will join the gate’s framework together.  Because the corner is one solid piece, it’s next to impossible to break.

To learn more about these gate options and the different kinds of operating mechanisms, contact us. We’ll make sure you get the fencing and gates that are right for you.

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