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Why Get A Security Fence?

Friday, March 15th, 2019
security fence

Here are a couple of reasons to install a security fence.

Your home is the one place in the world where you should feel the most safe so it makes sense to put some effort in your home security. Whether it’s by getting a security system, motion-activated lights, or even a guard dog, there are many ways  homeowners try to boost their home security. One of the best ways to increase your home’s security is to get a security fence. Not only will you boost your curb appeal by investing in a fence like this, but you will also be getting a practical addition to your home. Here are a couple of reasons you should invest in a security fence for your home.


What are the advantages of having a separation barrier?

Friday, February 14th, 2014
high security fencing for Baltimore facilities

Baltimore high security fencing

Are you searching for a high security system that can provide you simultaneously the benefits of a fence and wall. Then you need a separation barrier.

What is a separation barrier?

A separation barrier is a security that features a security gate, walling and fencing to define a property and keep unauthorized people, animals and vehicles off the property.

The wall of a separation barrier is commonly concrete and the fence system is made of steel. If you want top security, you can have an electric fence installed for your separation barrier and a state of the art security surveillance system setup.

Concrete walls and electric fencing can stretch for miles when it comes to a separation barrier.  With a custom high security perimeter fence from Hercules Fence, you can rest assure that you will have the right security options. The average separation barrier system can stop a 15,000 pound vehicle driven at 40 miles per hour.

Hercules Fence is here to create and install a very durable high security separation barrier for your property today. From anti-climb to anti-pry, we have you covered from start to finish.

You will have a fully functional defensive perimeter security system.

With our highly knowledgeable Hercules Fence contractors, you will receive utmost professional service and quality fence installations. We have provided excellent customer services and fence products since 1955. With over 50 years in the fence business, we are well aware that our reputation must be earned anew every day.

Hercules Fence has six offices ready to serve your fence needs. Whether you live as far north as Baltimore or south to Raleigh Market, Hercules has an office near you. Our experienced sales and installation staff can handle any fencing projects. And if you’re looking to buy materials, Hercules can ship our product line anywhere in the world. Take a virtual stroll through our website. Check out the latest fence products along with the “Signature Projects ” we’re so proud of.

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Security Enhancements: Are you ready for a driveway gate system?

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Automated Gate Systems

Are you searching for ways to better secure your residential property or commercial property’s driveway?

Then it’s time to invest in driveway automated gate systems.

What’s so great about driveway automated gate systems

that will enhance your security and secure your property?

The answer is its ability to serve as an all through security enhancement.

With automated driveway gate systems, you will be able to closely monitor whom and what is authorized to enter your premises.

Hercules Fence’s automated gate systems are one of the most convenient security gate systems on the market. We design our gate operator systems for all purposes.

In fact, Hercules Fence security system experts will provide you consulting services to help you select the most appropriate gate systems for your residential and commercial needs.

Even before we design your custom automated gate systems, we will analyze:

  • The opening size
  • The distance from your building(s)
  • The road surface material

We will also go over fence and gate styles to assure you have a fence appealing to you.

Our entry and exit mechanisms will also address any potential safety concerns. Once our Hercules Fence experts identify the best gate and operating system for your property needs, we will then design and install your automate gate systems and operations.

Here are the available automated gate operations:

  • Transmitter entry access
  • Push button access
  • Touchpad access (with intercom option)
  • Phone line connection/ swipe card access

If you can imagine your mobile phone ringing when you need your driveway to open, we can make that a reality.

Get an automated gate system quote today to begin the process of installing your custom driveway gate system.

Hercules Fence is known for unique and prestigious fence installations no matter the size of your security project.

We can custom design for you Ornamental Double Swing Gates or Double Swing Gate Operator Systems with Pedestal.

If you can envision it, we can create it.

You know you’re ready for a driveway gate system when:

  1. You’re looking to increase the safety and security of your property.
  2. You need to protect children, pets or elderly family members.
  3. You want more privacy.
  4. You want to increase your home value or commercial property value.
  5. You want better noise reduction (if your property is close to a busy road or you’re located in a school zone).

No matter you situation, we have got you covered.

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How you can make your Yard fence part of your backyard design.

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Want to create the backyard of your dreams? Then look no further; we have the information and resources to assist you in your home and garden projects!

One great backyard project is choosing the perfect yard fence! The basic function of a yard fence is to mark a property, provide security and privacy. But the use of a yard fence does not have to stop at the basic purpose. Your yard fence can be beautiful and enhance the environment of your backyard design!

There are a range of ways to reach this goal and more.

For one, you can build a garden fence to keep your pets, rabbits, and deer out of your flowerbed. Building a garden fence is not only easy but it is inexpensive.

Some inexpensive types of garden fencing are post and rail or wire and mesh. These types of fencing are easy to erect. But what matters most in design are material and style.

Here are three great styles and material you can try in your backyard:

  1. Wood fences. This fence is a traditional yard fence that remains tremendously popular with homeowners. It is naturally beautiful because it is real wood. Wood styles of cedar, redwood or pine are great style choices to use.
  2. Vinyl fencing. This is an excellent fencing choice because: it can closely resemble wood. It is ultra-easy to care. It is long lasting and attractive. Many vinyl fencing require no treatment.
  3. Chain Link Fencing. It is a great traditional gray metal because it is inexpensive, sturdy and attractive.

Yard fences should be practical and ornamental. It does not matter if it is an old-fashioned picket fence, wrought iron spear or has a contemporary geometric design. A yard fence adds beauty while offering protection. The yard fence transforms over time but it never goes out of style. Read  this article from for more information on Yard fence design.

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Backyard fun in the sun: great game activities.

Friday, August 19th, 2011

As summer days start to come to a close and the school year starts up, what better thing to do than have fun in the sun? Turn off that TV and head outside to play! The best part is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your home! You can have fun in the sun right in your backyard!

Here are some fantastic outdoor games and activities you can do in your backyard to keep you and your family entertained. We can guarantee you will not hear the statement “I’m bored.”

Have a scavenger hunt. Your family can play this game individually, with friends or in teams. Give each participate a list of items to find in nature such as foods that birds eat, types of flowers, types of insects or rocks. Have your family make pictures of what they find on the scavenger hunt. Tally up how many things everyone checked off the list.

Have fun with colored chalk. Keep an inexpensive box of colored chalk in your home. Allow your children to draw pictures on the sidewalk or driveway. Allow them to draw up their game board for Tic Tac Toe or hopscotch. Hopscotch only needs eight squares. Toss an object in the squares and then hop over it with one foot!

Have a bug race. Allow the family to spot insects without picking them up for about five minutes. Once the five minutes are over, let the family sketch out the insects. Make homemade frames to put the sketches in to cherish for years to come.

Host a mini Olympics. You can get everyone to compete in obstacle courses, water balloon tosses, and jumping competitions. Make sure to finish the fun with an awards ceremony where everyone is honored for his or her participation. You can buy fabulous medals at the local dollar store or make your own medals using construction paper, strings and colored pencils!

For more fun games, read this article at And the best part about having fun in your backyard is that your family can have fun and remain safe with reliable fencing. Hercules Fence has been providing security since 1955. We can serve you!

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How To Straighten A Bent Chain-Link Fence

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

If you have a chain-link fence, you know just how durable they can be. But from time to time, for whatever reason, they can become damaged. And nothing looks quite as unsightly as a bent chain-link fence. To make things even worse, a bent section of fencing can completely compromise the integrity of the rest of the fence. But what can you do? You’re no handyman.

Well, there’s hope. Fixing a chain-link fence that has become bent is not a difficult task.

This article from explains how you can fix your bent and unsightly fence.

Once you have completed the steps below, your fence will once again be secure and aesthetically pleasing.

What to do:

1.   Pry loose the ends of the wire fence ties that hold the chain-link fabric to the bent top rail along the bent section of the fence with large pliers. Also remove the fence ties from any posts supporting the fence in that section.

2.   Unbolt both rail ends that hold the top rail on the terminal posts using the adjustable wrench and socket wrench. Pull the rail ends off the brackets they were attached to. Remove the rail ends from the bent top rail. Realign and make true the terminal and line posts, if necessary.

3.   Fit the rail ends onto each end of the new top rail. Insert the rail ends into the brackets on the terminal posts and bolt them into place.

4.   Pry the ends of two links on the left side of the chain-link fence just past the bent fence fabric. Repeat this step on the right side past the bent fabric. Remove the loose inner links in each location to release the damaged section of chain-link fabric from the rest of the fence.

5.   Cut a section of fence from a new role of fencing fabric. Align one edge of the fabric to the left edge of the existing fence. Reinsert the chain link you removed earlier to tie the existing fence fabric to the new section of fabric. Repeat this step on the other end to tie the right side of the new section to the fence.

6.   Bend the ends of the chain links back together to finish repairing the chain-link fabric.

7.   Attach the repaired fabric to the fence with wire fence ties, wrapping each tie around the top rail and posts and bending the ends of the ties around the wire in the fence fabric.

Hopefully this will help you fix that unsightly bent section of fence. But if you feel like your chain-link fence needs some professional help, contact Hercules Fence by calling (800) TU FENCE or click here today!

Benefits of Chain Link Fencing

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Chain link fencing is the unsung hero of the fencing industry. Though it is not seen as elegant or luxurious, chain link provides both security and durability at a very reasonable price. This article from explains the ins and outs of chain link fencing.

Chain link fences are traditionally made from galvanized or coated steel wires that are woven together, forming a diamond pattern. This extremely durable fencing ranges in height from 3-feet to 12-feet, although custom heights can be achieved. Chain link comes is three main types, galvanized steel, privacy or “slat,” and PVC coated.

Galvanized, which is the least expensive form of chain link, consists of bare wire. Privacy chain link comes with plastic slats, which can be woven into the wire to give the fence a more solid look and feel. These slats come in an assortment of colors and can be added after manufacture. PVC chain link fencing is coated with vinyl that is thermally bonded and protects against rust. This type of chain link also comes in a variety of colors and is about three times more expensive than standard galvanized chain link.

In the end, the decision is up to you. But if you want a durable fence that will not break the bank, then chain link might be the answer for you.

Chain link continues to be the workhorse of the industry, providing a low-cost and easy to install form a fencing. If you have any questions, contact Hercules Fence by calling (800) TU FENCE or click here today!