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Backyard Fierce: Top 8 Warming Hot ‘Happy Hour’ Drink Recipes!

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Planning on throwing a party in your backyard for fall? We have the top 8 warming hot Cider recipes you can use at your next big backyard party!

It is no secret; cold weather is on the way! It is time to exchange our frozen drinks for warmer but just as delicious  ‘Happy Hour’ drinks!

Do not just settle for plain apple or mulled cider! Spice it up! Give your hot ciders a twist this Fall! Gather your family, friends and a few warm blankets! Below are your top 8 cider recipes!

Hot Buttered Cranberry Cider

This drink is a crowd-pleaser! It contains cranberries, dark rum and butter. Add a little honey and cinnamon to give your cider drink a delicious depth of flavor! Your guests will love it!

Hot Apple Cider with Rum

Love traditional apple cider? Then you will love this Apple Cider with nutmeg, cinnamon and dark rum! Make it ahead of time with a slow cooker! Your home will be filled with the warm and amazing smell of Fall!

Buttered Spiked Cider

If you are a brandy lover, you will love this drink! Butter and brandy in a mug is spectacular! It is sweet and full of warm goodness! It is the best cold weather happy hour!

Cider Smash

Why is it called Cider Smash? Because it is sparkling cider and bourbon that will give your nose and taste buds a grand smash! It is a great drink for fall and winter weekend brunches! You have to try it!

If you want to learn what the rest of the Top 8 Warming Hot ‘Happy Hour’ Drinks are about (including non-alcoholic), read this article from Reader’s Digest.

Serve these drinks in your backyard this fall! We are sure your family and visitors will love them!

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A 4th of July Menu that will Set Your Barbeque Apart From The Crowd

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Hamburgers and hotdogs. Been there and done that.

You want to make food that people will really enjoy. Give your friends and family a reason to pick your barbeque over all of the other 4th of July feasts taking place this weekend. But how can you put a unique flair on such a traditional day?

First Course

Every party needs finger foods – something for your guests to pick at while the main course is being prepared. But try to avoid serving chips and dip. You might as well just yell out, “I am boring and have no imagination!”

So here are a few, more imaginative ideas (try to spread out the snacks to keep people moving):

Kitchen: Sweet and Sour Meatballs in a crock-pot! Serve with small plates, napkins and toothpicks.

Living room: Build your own nachos. Include: Sour cream, Salsa, chopped olives, onions, guacamole, hot and mild and a good brand of tortilla chips. Add plenty of napkins and study paper plates to avoid spills.

Bar and Pool area: Since the majority of drinks are served in this area serve cheese flavored popcorn, and peanuts in their shells. This area should be spill and litter safe.

Dining Room Table: Selection of hard cheese and soft cheese spreads, grapes, pineapple wedges, melon balls and crackers.

Main Course

Make kabobs of chicken meat, onion, tomato and pepper for guests that aren’t into ribs. Place these on stick the day before the party and let marinate in your favorite sauce until party time. Required cooking time is only about 30 minutes. Cook the chicken after the ribs.

Place corn on the cob (in their hulls, but cleaned of silks) on the grill for 30 minutes.

Rice Salad:

Recipe: Cook your rice the day before the party. Add scallions, can mushrooms, red peppers, green olives and mayo to hold it all together. Hint: for a great leftover idea add frozen shrimp to the rice salad the next day!

Stuffed mushrooms:

Recipe: remove stem from cleaned mushrooms. Chop stems and sauté in 1 tab butter with chopped onion and green pepper. Remove from heat. Add breadcrumbs and mozzarella cheese, salt and pepper until mixture holds together. Fill mushroom caps with mixture, and bake at 350 degrees until juicy. Can be made ahead of time and just popped in the oven when guest arrive. Keep extra in the oven they stay warm and fresh for hours.

Pasta Salad (vegetarian dish):

Recipe: Tri-colored spiral pasta (wheat for fanatics) cooked but not mush! Onions, chopped tomatoes, marinated Artichoke hearts chopped, and Wishbone Italian dressing. Top with Parmesan cheese and refrigerate overnight

And of course, don’t forget the dessert. Have fun with it. Perhaps bake a red, white and blue cake? It is both patriotic and delicious.

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